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Prajna Akasagarbha Wisdom – Wealth  Yoga

Cosmic Cultivation of Wisdom and Awareness,

Prajna Akasagarbha means “wisdom hidden in space”. This ancient movement yoga was developed by Akasagarbha, Bodhisattva of immeasurable abundance with the help of Manjusri, Bodhisattva of wisdom, and it is an actual practice Akasagarbha used to awaken. It is being considered by Buddhist a key practice to attain enlightenment, and was kept in secret, in China for over 1200 years.

Prajna Akasagarbha consist of:

- 16 mudras, easy body movements to eliminate blockages form energetic body, open centers and subtle energy channels, thus connect practitioner with the rhythm of nature.

- Sanskrit mantra to elevate consciousness from ordinary state to the state of the higher awareness.

- Visualization connecting body, mind, and spirit with the wisdom of universe.

This moving meditation merges self-spiritual light with light of heavenly bodies, and aligns alaya seeds of individual consciousness with cosmic awareness. Diligent practitioner can gain access to Akashik Records, and understanding of her/his destiny, and destiny of others, experience the influence of planetary configurations, and gravitational pulls of heavenly bodies. On the higher level of attainment one can perceive destiny of the planets, and access portals to different dimensions.

Sincere seeker of wisdom can quickly attain to three aspects of Shunyata: law of impermanence, non-dual nature of true reality, and equanimity of all and everything.

Slow and gentle movements of Akasha Yoga are suitable to anyone willing to practice, regardless of age, and physical ability.