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A Vajracharya of the Hanmi Esoteric School is chosen because of his or her past life attainments and undergoes an intensive training and transmission with an enlightened Master.
Maria Werbik, spiritual name ZhiWu, was ordained by Maha Vairocana Dharma King Dechan Jueren in 2010 in China, during intense Dharani retreat and received blessing, permission, and empowerment from her Guru to teach Dharma in the West.
Maria Werbik, ordinate Vajracharya in Hanmi Esoteric School, Dharma/Meditation teacher, Buddhist Healer, Spiritual Coach, Head Teacher in Diamond Yoga Dharma Center:

“Just like our eyes can not see themselves without the mirror, our mind can not perceive itself without the method. This method of knowing your mind and working with your resistant mind is called meditation. Knowing yourself is wisdom, changing yourself is a spiritual transformation.

Since 18 years old I’ve been following path of Self-Cultivation using time proven practice of Taoist Immortals and Buddhist monks. I found these meditation techniques the most reliable and effective tools for spiritual transformation. I have learnt ancient dharma from Enlightened Masters in Korean and Chinese monasteries attending 100 days intense retreats, some of them silent. I lived many years in Zen centers and sangha communities in Poland and United States.
I would like to share my 36 years experience with open minded people, who are genuinely interested in the highest spiritual attainment in this life time, in present body.”

Maria shares her passion for meditation and interest in Buddhist teaching, by leading silent retreats, meditation classes and workshops, conducting mantric healing for group and individuals, guiding on spiritual path and coaching with heart and compassion.

Maria teaches time proven methods of knowing yourself, changing yourself, and helping others, that calls Bodhisattva's way:

“Esoteric dharma passed to us through unbroken lineage of enlightened masters enable diligent practitioner to attain to the highest potential in this life time, in present body. This attainment comes with the perfect freedom, true wisdom and unlimited compassion.

Perfect freedom is a freedom from three bonds: karma - cause and effect, maya - veil of illusion, and anawa - ego identity, ignorant views.

True wisdom comes from the connection to the divine and nature.

Unlimited compassion develops when wisdom of emptiness: impermanence, non-duality, and equanimity of all and everything is reveled. Only then heart and mind join as one.”