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Saturday, 01 September 2012 00:00

Spiritual Transformation Through Self Radiating Light

Treasure Vase,

Cold/Heat Filling Qi Yoga

Meditation Workshop, Saturday, September 1, 10 am – 3 pm,

Diamond Yoga Dharma Center in Benicia

Would you like to shine self-radiating spiritual light attracting people and prosperity?

Would you like to have better health, resistance to illness, and youthful appearance?

Then read on…

Treasure Vase is a symbol for prosperity, health, and wisdom.

This inner practice with energies and essence can purify the mind from habitual grasping at duality. With the mind pure and still, the body produces self-radiating spiritual light. Every kind of energy within human body brought forth in this manner can fight aging, resist all kind of illness, and open up wisdom eye.

Cold/ Heat Filling Qi Yoga was a self-protection method of the Acharin Walkers (Yogis) who travelled through the various regions of ancient China to heal and help people.

This method could be very useful in our modern time when weather patterns are changing rapidly.

In this workshop you will receive:

  • Step by step explained method of cultivation,
  • Complete meditation practice: mudra, Sanskrit mantra, and visualization,
  • Hands empowerment for healing techniques,
  • Guided meditation session,
  • Empowered CD for individual practice.

This ancient dharma integrates the teaching of Taoism and Buddhism.