Living Buddha
By Dechan Jueren
In 1989, the bone relic of Buddha, sutra and tantra engraved in silver plates, and other ancient   
artefacts of the Esoteric School, were discovered in the sky chamber of the North Pagoda in
Chaoyang.  Later, a mandala of the Esoteric School was also found in the crypt of the Famensi
Dharma Doorway Temple.  These discoveries predicted the revival of the Esoteric School of
I had experienced all kinds of suffering and every time I died, in that hazy state, an old man would
appear to save me and bring me back to life.
When I was six years old I fell into a river and drowned.  Villagers found my body downstream and
recognized me as the son of a Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor.  My father was working at the
neighbouring town when he was told the news.  It was a moonless night and he had to walk miles over an
old battlefield known by the locals to be haunted and infested with wild animals; none of the villagers
would dare venture through that area at night.
At the age of 38, I was the factory head of a large machinery company in my hometown Chaoyang in
northeast China.  On 24th Oct 1989, just after 3pm, I had just finished my work in the office; suddenly
there was a knock at the door.  It was the Chief and Deputy Chief of police from the Chaoyang railroad
station.  They brought in an old man.  The moment I saw him I was dumbfounded!  It was he who came to
help me every time I died.  This was the first time I had met him in the flesh.  I froze instantly and did not
move until the cigarette I was smoking burnt my fingers.  After a brief conversation, I willingly resigned
from my position and followed the old man to the mountain.
Six months later, and on the instruction of my guru whom had just attained the rainbow body (a body   
of pure light), I left the mountain and began my journey to spread the Esoteric Dharma teachings
worldwide giving all my assets to charity and to the cause of reviving Buddhism.
I received the Dharma Lineage of Mahavairocana Dharma King from the 48th Mahacharya Huiling of
the Esoteric School.  The initiation took place at  Zhaojue Monastery in Sichuan Province, with the
renowned Master Qingding as the witness.  I received all and every dharma instrument, sutra, tantra,
robe, and crown of Subhakarasimha, Vajrabodhi and Amoghavajra.  I became the 49th Mahacharya and
the sole Lineage Holder, also referred to by the Chinese as Living Buddha.
In 1990, I began transmitting Dharma in China in order to reveal the exquisite spirit of the esoteric
practice.  I had journeyed everywhere, as the Chinese expression goes, “From the white mountain to the
black water, through the south and the north of the great Long River.”  Many have come to grasp the
method to know oneself, the means to change oneself, and the courage to conquer oneself.
No one limits you except you, and because of this you are limited by the conditions of your
environment.  When you recognize the existence of your deep-rooted bad nature of non-receptiveness,
vanity, envy, anger and lazy habits, and begin to apply the method of not allowing the bad nature to rise
again, then the beastly nature can be withered.  Only so will you liberate yourself from your self-limitation
and the limitation by the conditions of your environment.
Esoteric practice can make you really see the ignorance, attachment, and limitation of human life that
brought suffering to yourself.  Only when you have truly grasped the method to know yourself and applied
the means to change yourself, you will be able to liberate yourself from suffering.
Once you have grasped the esoteric practice, being of good health, inner peace and wish fulfilled is
very basic.  There will be amazing discoveries as you continue on entering the state.  You will truly know
that no one can give you wisdom; only by following  the correct method of cultivation can you have it.
Wisdom emerges on its own once you fully enter the state of reality