Testimonial by Dr. George Weissmann, on November 20, 2011, on behalf

of Maria Werbik, Benicia CA, Medicine Buddha healer,

On September 3rd, 2011, a close friend of mine, Valerie, called me

very distraught, and confided that she had been diagnosed by several

doctors as having terminal lymphoma (4th stage). They had given her a

few weeks to live. She was so weak and so very much in pain that she

herself doubted that she had even that long to live. Her children were

due to arrive a week later, on the 10th, and she even doubted that she

could survive until their arrival. She was on strong pain killers and

still in agony. She had a big tumor in her abdomen. She couldn't

swallow or defecate at all. She refused all suggestions by her doctors

for chemo or radiation therapy, and also our entreaties to try at

least SOMETHING. Much to my distress, she was resigned to dying


The evening of the next day. September 4th, remembering that Maria

Werbik had told me she had learned Medicine Buddha healing and was

practicing it, I called her and told her about Valerie and her plight.

I begged her to try her best. She kindly immediately agreed to begin

the next day. All she needed to know was Valerie birth name and birth

date, which I gave her. Valerie's condition was even worse today. I

did not inform Valerie that I was getting a healer involved.

On September 5th, Maria started practicing for Valerie, and she

practiced daily for half an hour specifically for Valerie, for about a


On September 6th, she decided to use a particularly powerful

technique, Pagoda practice (with mudras, mantras and visualizations),

which she repeated once more a few weeks later.

On September 7th, the wound on Valerie's tumor burst open and she

emitted a foul-smelling fluid, presumably toxins, as she reported.

This draining was profuse the first couple of days, and lasted more

than a week. (Then the wound closed and gradually healed till it was

nearly completely healed now).

On September 8th, Valerie was already feeling much better; and did not

require painkillers. She was in very good spirits, very clear-minded.,

She had a conference call lasting an hour with a group of close

friends, which had been arranged to say farewell, but she didn't sound

sick at all.

On September 9th Valerie reported feeling even better, in fact nearly

painfree, still draining toxins from wound. It was at that point that

I informed Valerie that I had asked a healer to practice for her; up

to then she had had no idea this was happening, nor did she know

Maria. So that seems to exclude a psychosomatic or placebo effect.

On September 10th her family arrived, and proceeded on the assumption

that Valerie was still sick and going to die soon. They arranged

hospice services in the home, and said an emotional farewell.

But Valerie's healing continued steadily and rapidly. After a few more

weeks, Valerie felt no more swelling, she had regained her energy, her

appetite and her passion for life completely, and was confident that

she had been healed. Not being a fan of Western medicine, she has no

intention of checking with a medical doctor whether she is

cancer-free. She is just living as though she is in complete

remission, and I have every reason to believe that she is.

Valerie herself wrote me the following message (excerpted to protect

personal communication) on November 7, 2011, 2 months after her

diagnosis, and 6 weeks after she was supposed to be dead:

...." There must have been a misdiagnosis because i am feeling too

good to be sick! I'm excited to tell you that i just returned from my

first yoga class since July when i took to my bed with the terrible

pain and fever. I finished the entire class with no problem! No

pain, no exhaustion any more.!!

If it comes back now, i will be surprised. The wound is nearly closed

now and swelling all gone; no lumps that i can detect and no sense of

foreboding expectations. My friends here who see me looking good are

calling it a miracle. I bless each day with gratitude and a humble

sense of the immediacy of vibrant life and love all around."

But of course there was no misdiagnosis, as she jokingly suggests.

Three separate doctors examined her and confirmed the diagnosis: 4th

stage lymphoma.

This healing can be considered a medical miracle.

Maria, thank you!