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Tuesday, 23 October 2012 18:52

The Sanskrit name of the Medicine Buddha is Bhaisajyaraja. The Chinese call him Yao Shi Fo, the Tibetans Sangye Menla, and the Japanese Yakushi. He was a great Master who made many vows to alleviate the suffering of all beings.

This workshop includes a method for self-cultivation, healing, and protection, as well as the Medicine Buddha's healing pagoda technique that can be applied to heal others. Also included are separate purifying techniques for air, water, and food.

The Medicine Master Lapis Lazuli Light King Buddha Extinguishing Disaster and Prolonging Life Dharma meditation practice has been a core teaching of Buddhist mystery schools for over a millennium. Practitioners used this dharma for healing, protection, and prevention of illness and disease, as well as to extinguish disaster, extend life, and bring forth good luck.

The complete teaching has historically only been taught to initiated disciples in the esoteric mystery school. Because of the recent appearance of disease in the world, Living Buddha Dechan Jueren has decided to break from the tradition and transmit the complete teaching to non-disciples. The general public now has the opportunity to learn this powerful dharma practice previously available to only a select few.


Practicing esoteric dharma purifies karma, calms the body and mind, and helps to attain higher levels of counsciousness and awareness, which may restore youthful vibrancy, immunity, and prolog life.

In this workshop you will receive:                                             

- Abhiseka Empowerment and complete transmission of authentic Tantra teachings previously available to advanced Buddhist initiates only.                                       

- Step by step instruction on how to apply mantra, mudra, and visualization to heal youfself and others of many types of physical, emotional, or spiritual issues.

- Advanced spiritual healing techniques created specifically for healeers by awakened Buddhist masters that will enable you to heal others effectivly.

- Practical purifying methods for air, water, and food to protect your body from pollutions and mind from impurities.

Medicine Buddha, Lapis Lazuli Light Dharma is prerequiste to many advanced practices and requires abhiseka transmission from the Vajra Acharya of the School. The beginner depends on the Enlightened Masters of the Dharma Lineage to preform the techniques.

This esoteric meditation is now available to anyone who wants to enhance his/her healing abilities.


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